Reasons why you must have an individual personal accident policy

It is always better to protect yourself from such circumstances like a very unfortunate accident by getting a personal accident policy. You can never foresee when you might face such cases. Nowadays, you can easily purchase policies online by visiting the insurance company’s online portal of which you want to buy.

If you have personal accident insurance, you can save yourself from huge inpatient hospitalization expenses and corresponding medical bills that can spend all your life savings in just a fraction of time if you are met with an accident. You need to keep specific things in mind when you purchase a personal accident policy.

Reasons why you must have an individual personal accident policy

  • Buy a personal accident policy premium online that covers your needs while not putting heavy stress on your financial stability. You can easily compare all the individual personal accident policies online and choose the one that fits your requirements the best.


  • Select the insurance policy that can be renewed easily online in which you don’t need to visit the insurance company’s office.


  • A personal accident insurance policy can provide you safety from sudden financial adversities that can occur if you meet with an accident. Along with this, there are few more reasons why which describe why you should have an individual personal accident policy.


  • If you have a personal accident cover, you will be able to claim compensation for any disability you may face after the accident. The insurer will get appropriate compensation from the insurance provider if he/she suffers from the loss of income due to the disability caused due to the accident. You can avail of compensation for Permanent Partial Disability or Permanent Total Disability.


  • Accidental death benefit. This is one of the significant or essential advantages why you should buy an individual personal accident policy. In case of the policyholder’s unexpected accidental death, the insurance company is liable to 100% of the insured amount to the nominee, which are generally Class I legal heirs of the policyholder such as spouse, mother, father, daughter, or son.


  • Medical expenses are taken care of if you suffer from an accident. The medical expenses these days can be very high, which can finish your life time-saving in a brief span of time. If the policyholder meets with an accident, the company will take care of the insured’s medical expenses. Even in the case of the insured’s demise, the company will take care of the expenses of the deceased’s funeral.


  • Family Security. In case of the death of the insured or if the accident leads to the permanent disability and that person is the sole earner of the family, this insurance will provide security to the insured’s family. The company will support funding the family and shield them from any hospital expenses that will be incurred if the person is hospitalized.

Child education benefit. Under this cover, the company will be liable to pay some of the amounts per child to a maximum of two children for their educational expenses if the insured leads to death.

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